I’m Tanja, and I’m the designer behind Watermellish.

I am mother to two little boys and wife to my doting husbeast. After long, crazy days of parenting my wee free men I enjoy creating designs or knitting and embellishing my own creations.

I spend far too much time on Ravelry, where I am known as Possum.

I can be bribed with just about anything related to yarn, AP, Scouting and chai. Real chai. Mmmmm…..

I can be contacted, and bribed, by emailing: info at watermellish dot com dot au.

This website has been created in loving memory of my brother Thomas. He taught me everything he knew about computers as a teenager in the early 1990s (read: forced me to sit and learn DOS) and continued to insist that I learn about computers so that I would not become the bane of some poor helpdesk person’s day. Spoken like a true helpdesker. Each new thing that I learn reminds me of him.